This is no way to live

by Bad Body

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Every track recorded by The Engineer in a session stretching across 3 hours of a cold bleak january afternoon at the disused MK metro bar.

Bad Body
Paul- Words
The Engineer- Machine
Patrick John Carney- Synth / Sampler

Photography of Bletchley park by Stuart Southwell
Graphic Design by Lewis Mclean


released May 5, 2012

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Location - Bletchley Park



all rights reserved


Bad Body Bletchley, UK

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Track Name: Now is not the time
Now is not the time to think
A beast has conquered our minds
All the cog's that grind and clunk are moving towards a rusty halt
You can't fight it! The virus is back

Now is not the time but the time comes anyway
The sludge that's self inflicted upon our bodies is now blocking the pipe lines to happiness
Has all faith gone to waste?
If it has then we can start to eradicate the lords we worship
Clearing our minds of the fog
Open the flood gates to wash away a bad mind

Time to think
Its not everyday this type of decay gets washed away
Though I keep on guessing
Looking up at the perfetic pale grey sun looming over with its useless effort of light
Sometimes on the silver days I wanna tie myself to a rocket ship
Go into the vacuum of space
Call it a pussy
And implode on myself
Track Name: Yellow man
Come knocking at the storm
As I lay awake looking over a foreign city
There's the yellow man with a lack of fluid
Enjoy your meal he seems to say
Every two hours they need to check up
The cold metal instrument inserted into the ear
Checking out the hot and cold is all in order
A vivid dream comes into picture
So vivid its in the same room
The events start to get so out of hand
I convince myself that the imagination is running wild again
This has to be stopped
Though the holograms are in fingers reach
I scratch at the walls of reality to try and get back in
Let me out
I try to say
But the motors that power my lips and voice box seem disconnected somehow
Maybe in the plain picture of reality i'm making a disjointed murmur
That makes no sense
Probably annoying the yellow man beside
I'm back in
Its seven a.m
Laid awake in a darkened room
In a bed to meet the sicko's desire
This is what I wanted to get back to?
The fire rising sun slowly lights the town
I look at the plain picture that stares at me with no remorse
Scratching at the storm
It will soon find me
Track Name: Shank it
Shank it
Shake it
Stuff it
Stab it
Throw your mind to the fury of fire
Piss on what people admire
Kill your soul and go with desire
Shank it
Shake it
Stuff it
Make it
All in one
A forgotten dream
All in all the lake runs dry
As the black forest burns through the night
Shank it
Shake it
Kill it
Snuff it
Death will never leave you alone
You will meet the ends in the end
All you do is piss and moan
You'll meet the end in the end
Make it
Make it
Make it
Make it
Snuff it
Track Name: Mankind
Forever remain in a swirl of blood
A whirl wind in the dream at night
Always follow put trust in god
Now transcending into the ring of fire
Flying across the red mountains
All hope in the neighbor of light
And words... words worn away in darkness
Day is sky
Man deny a piece of lightning
Man not kind
Now relish in our imagination
There corrupt
Plugged in with fear
We're invading beneath the ocean
In the bath
Dropped in with tears
Just visiting we won't live here
And peace... Peace becomes frightening
Man not kind
Now drift away across nothing
When we breathe live is giving
When we die breath not feeding
Come down off your rocking and leave your body here
Someone must change
Man not kind
Track Name: Your history's shit
All the workers
Refused to free him
Stuck in a boxed room there is no leaving
You fill your load
The seams have split
Your barking mad
And your history's shit
Germs in your gestures come along
Walk the walk
Smash a stone
A psychopath
A panic attack
Its coming at you
A man awake
He looks at his day
He is still
Feelings of static
Here is the creature of habit
Living over and over
Stuck in one dimension
Lost in another's dream
They don't appear as they seem
When the pleasure meets the eye
Holes will will through the god damned sky
As the sunlight burns my eyes
Vivid memories come to life
This old dirt box I can do without
Push your filth way out the mouth
I get refilled with sight
Shovel the sight in my eyes... in my eyes
Back to work
Track Name: Happens everytime
The time to travel really hits
No thoughts exposed and time is flipped
This time is truly mine
We're just hanging out inside
Meeting people face to face
Where they make the time to make and chase
It just happens every time
When this thought comes to mind
It just happens every time
Real me in then cut me loose
And it just happens every time
Lost in script... not the ritz
Crossing through the rough rotation
Where the women sleep with truckers smirking
Accepting routine life
The pictures come to movement time
This sip of beer is like a wife
Never gonna leave by my side
Destination is really fixed
Though my eyes wonder to make mischief
It just happens every time
Strain a thought
Come to life
It just happens every time
Is this ship gonna sink
Well I suppose its just a frame of mind
Kicking bricks and snapping sticks
The service is never good
So I guess i'll have a drink
It just happens every time
To succumb to brain fry
Its an easy way to be
So bring it on
At least we're free
Track Name: Noise makers
The loud distorted noise makers
Crunch and bang through my head
Like a cruel being stabbing a screwdriver
Into a child's football
Killing all fun
This could last for hours as there slipping into a more of a drunken possessed like state
Tricking themselves into the self proclaimed geniuses that there not
There are no team players anymore
I am not a team player
To do that i'd have to surrender all heart and soul
Leave it the hands of an uncompromising burning school
Let it hit
Until i'm into a box
Moving on...
In a cardboard room
Hey there is some medieval toys hanging from the walls
Shadows of torture
Belonging to the dusty long hair
With a look that shades our past
Modernising and somehow making it relevant to pass in the present world
I can't help but laugh
So keep making those sounds you razor noise makers
Punishing the senses until all rational thought is gone
I smile and can't help but join in
Track Name: NHS
Hello your through to NHS
Hello your through to NHS
Can I start by taking your telephone number?
Can I call you back on that number?
Can I take your postcode?
And the number of your house?
I had no idea how to take upon this phone call
As every phone call is recorded I have to act accordingly
Mental health issues
How can I help?
Your through to NHS
How can I help?
Suicidal you say!?
You've taken how many tablets!?
You've drunken how much liquor!?
Well that's not gonna do it!
Calling me up with your cry for help
If you were really gonna do it you wouldn't call me up
15 year old girls calling up
Cutting there arms - self harm
Maybe its a cry for help? Or to grab attention?
Anyhow I tried to help them
I put on my compassionate voice
Compassionate tones
I spoke to them like a friend
As I heard them moan
The took comfort in my voice
And called me by my name
Like I knew them
But I knew, they were really insane!
All these filtered calls seem insane!
Rudeness- Unkindness
And when I try to help, but they blame
I don't like to be pessimistic!!
I like to be nice...
I like to be optimistic
With an open mind
But the whole damn country has fallen behind
And it seems so unkind even at the best of times